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You’ve just found the latest concept in Online Grocery Shopping!

At kos.community, we’re all about community. Our passion is to source fresh, healthy food as well as quality household products and distribute them to a hub that is conveniently close to you.

We offer you convenience, affordable prices, and friendly service.

About Us

kos.community offers quality food and non-food items as well as a personal interface - in the form of a local hub - to ensure exceptional customer service. Our online shop ensures around the clock ordering convenience from the comfort of your home or office.

We utilise local community networks to minimise transport and other logistical costs. Our collection hubs are operated by members of the community.

Where economically and logistically viable, we strive to source local produce. Urban farmers, home industries and family businesses capitalise from our network of customers and make use of products sourced from our bulk suppliers.

Available Hubs

Currently there are about 130 hub events per week.

Hubs exist in Pretoria, Centurion, Benoni, Kempton Park, Roodepoort, Randburg and Krugersdorp.

Click the SHOP NOW button above to find the Hub closest to you.

The Answers You Need

How do I order?

For a first time community member it will be:


1. Click the ''Shop Now'' button at the top of this page.
2. You are now free to browse the Categories and Products.
3. Click the ‘’Add to Cart’’ button for desired items.
4. Review your ''Shopping Cart'' and adjust quantities.
5. Click ''Checkout'' to place your order. Order before 7am and delivery to your chosen hub takes place the next afternoon.

There are two steps to check out:
a. Complete the Checkout Page (select the Hub for delivery, confirm the payment method as well as terms and conditions) by pressing the ''Continue'' button.
b. Complete the Confirmation Page by pressing ''Confirm Order'' button.
6. Payment methods are: Card (Credit or Debit), Instant EFT and Pre-Paid (making an EFT payment into our bank account which is then loaded as credit to your profile on the system)
6. Your goods will be delivered to the selected Hub.
7. Collect your goods.

Please note:

When you press the ''Continue'' button and this does not move you to the ''Confirm Order'' page, it means one of two things:

Either you have not selected the items mentioned in step 5a above


there is an item in your cart that is currently ''Out Of Stock'' (item will be marked red).

How do I know my order has been placed?

Once ''Checkout'' has been completed and the ''Confirm Order'' button has been pressed an email is sent (immediately) to the registered email address.

This email confirms that the order has been received.

Please note:
If you do not receive an email within a few minutes it means either:

That you did not finalise the order by pressing the ''Confirm Order'' button - part of the ''checkout'' process


The email ended up in the ''spam folder'' of your email program.

Where and when do I collect my order?

At the "Checkout", you choose the "Hub" most convenient to you. It is suggested that you write down the address for future reference.

The Hub Manager is notified of new customers the afternoon before delivery and will add you to his/her local "WhatsApp" group by mid morning the day delivery takes place. They will confirm the collection time of your order with you. Collection usually takes place between 16:30 and 19:00.

Is there a specific time by which my order needs to be placed?

Ordering and delivery takes place in weekly cycles.

For collection on Tuesday afternoon, order before 07:00 on Monday.

For collection on Wednesday afternoon, order before 07:00 on Tuesday.
For collection on Thursday afternoon, order before 07:00 on Wednesday.

For collection on Friday afternoon, order before 07:00 on Thursday.

Please note:
Orders placed after the closing time is automatically scheduled for delivery the next week.

Which payment methods are accepted?

A number of payment options exist:

  • Card payment (credit or debit card),

  • Instant EFT,

  • Prepaid credit.

Please note:

Do remember to press the ''confirm order'' button at the end of the checkout process.

What is the return policy?

We encourage you to ask for a credit of any product you are not satisfied with.
Your Hub Ownerwill credit your account and the amount is deducted from the total of your next order.

Credits are automatically created by the Hub Owner if we cannot source a product that you have ordered.

The Team

Abie Kohn

Louis Albertyn

Lizette Grobler