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Fullinatural began with the idea that the bread and wheat products we are eating just isn't good for you anymore. But the question was "why?"

I had been keen to try different types of artisan bread baking, and had experimented with my own varieties of sourdough starter, but while on holiday in the Western Cape at our family's wheat farms in 2009, we found real flour, and that was the big change.

Freshly stone milled flour, natural sourdough yeast (made from flour and water) and the dough rested for 24 hours resulted in delicious bread that was wholesome, nutritious, filling and above all else, didn't have the same negative side effects we experienced with regular bread.

And so our Revobake ™ method was born. All natural, no preservatives or additives, only fully natural produce goes into our products.

This method was tried and tested over many years before we decided we have to share this with the world, and so in 2013, we became one of the first companies in South Africa to not only mill fresh flour, but bake products with that flour as well, which meant we have complete control over the raw produce that goes into all our baked goods. We've since extended the Fullinatural Revobake ™ range to rusks, pita bread, rolls, wraps and much more, all made from whole wheat and rye products, freshly milled on site before baking. We also have a range of muffins and cookies made with the same high quality flour, perfect for healthy snacks and lunchboxes.

In 2015 we also introduced our frozen range of muffin and cookie mixes, pizza bases and pre-baked breads, easily stored, making it a convenient product for shops in the catering industry, or parents looking to give their families the healthiest option available. Please visit our "products" page for more information on our wide range of deliciously healthy products.


How can wheat or rye products be so low in gluten?
Studies have shown that natural sourdough containing a specific friendly bacterium called "lactobacillus" helps to break down gluten almost completely if given enough time to do its thing. Our whole wheat sourdough bread (which forms the basis for all our Revobake ™ products) has been tested to have less than 80 parts per million ("ppm") gluten - that's less than 0,08g of gluten in 1kg of bread! To put it into perspective, regular wheat breads contain approximately 80 000 ppm gluten and regular sourdough bread approximately 2 400 ppm. We are at the complete opposite side of the scale at 80ppm, where anything less than 20 ppm is classified as gluten free.

So if I'm gluten intolerant, can I eat this bread?
If you are gluten intolerant / sensitive, you can enjoy our Revobake ™ products without fear of feeling bloated, experiencing stomach cramps, or the other symptoms commonly associated with gluten sensitivity (provided you don't cover your bread with other unhealthy items which can affect a person just as badly, like jams!)

Does this mean I can eat any sourdough bread without feeling sick afterwards?
Unfortunately the word "sourdough" is one that is often misused to only describe the specific taste of breads, and this taste is often replicated with commercial sourdough flavourants, instead of a process in which wheat is naturally fermented. We like to refer to our sourdough as a "live" yeast, which means we feed it every day, put it safely to bed at night, and make sure it does what it is supposed to - namely break down that gluten!

And if I have Coeliac disease?
Coeliac disease is an autoimmune disorder of the small intestine, caused by a reaction to gliadin (the one twin in gluten). Coeliac disease is a very serious illness that can have terrible effects on a person's health, and therefore Coeliac sufferers are best advised to avoid all possible gluten containing products. However recent studies have showed that the process as we use it, may allow Coeliac sufferers to also enjoy the taste of real bread again, but these are still early studies, and we advise to act with caution until more information is available.


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