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Here’s to Empty Trolleys

March 24, 2017


My earliest childhood memory of grocery shopping involves lopsided trolleys and standing in endless queues, waiting for our turn to unpack seemingly thousands of boring things bought for some obscure purpose.


Shopping days would inevitably end with squeaking trolley wheels, grumbling about incorrect price labels and sore feet.  It was a monthly ordeal for both parent and child.


Fast forward a few decades and four children of my own later, and… not much has improved.  It’s still a chapter on “Who Moved My Cheese-aisle” and lo and behold, the trolley still seems to have a mind of its own.


Add to that a bored teenager, two squabbling pre-teen brothers and a four-year old under the impression that Oppenheimer donates to my monthly grocery budget.  It gets long, it gets confusing and I get exhausted just thinking about it.  Not to sound like a shopping channel add, but if you buy today, you also get said four-year old suddenly having to go to the loo just as you start unpacking at the till point.


Even with a shopping list and a trusty ouma on stand-by, I am one of those unfortunate souls who constantly ends up forgetting half of what I intended to buy.  All my clothing labels should read “will crack under pressure”.

I would much rather be making a choice between 10kg and 2kg potatoes while watching a re-run of the Oscars.  Seeing Red Carpet fashion on one screen, clicking on onions, breakfast cereal, toilet paper and free-range eggs on another screen makes me feel super productive.  Like Sarah Jessica Parker in that movie “I Don’t Know How She Does It”.


At the risk of sounding repetitive, let’s mention those TV-adds on the shopping channel again.  I can never keep myself from rolling my eyes thinking 'Oh really?', nobody is that clumsy with a can-opener.  So maybe not everyone hates grocery shopping as much as I do, but there are a few more perks that makes kos.community on-line shopping worth my while (without having to remember to put some lipstick on).

Do I have enough flour for fritters?  How many eggs are left in the fridge?  Will my laundry detergent last another week?  Well, I just get up and go have a look.  It’s called Real Time Stock-Taking!


I don’t know about you, but the smell of the butcher’s aisle is usually enough to make me wish I was a vegetarian.  And cold!  I’m always so anxious to just finish already that I end up with the wrong cut of chops.  Or maybe cold tongue instead of pork fillet.


The sweets aisle is another pit stop I prefer to avoid.  All those coloured packets can now safely be avoided.  No more giving in to that nagging little voice telling me that I “absolutely have to have” pink and white pillows of marshmallows.  On that subject, did it have to be PINK?  These manufacturers really know what a four-year old girl is thinking, don’t they?


To get more to the point, I consistently stick to my weekly budget, scoring brownie-points with my husband.

It’s ridiculous how excited I can get about this on-line kos.community business.  Show me a woman who doesn’t appreciate a little empowerment, knowing she has an accessible means to a healthier end, without enriching some already wealthy middle man?  My buying power makes a real difference in the lives of members of my own community. That makes me feel empowered!


I call myself a k.o.s-trepreneur.  There… I said it first…

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